Self-compassionate leadership

1) Self-compassionate leadership and strengths at work In our group workshops, we explore research about people’s attitudes toward their strengths. Seventy percent find it hard to articulate where their strengths lie clearly. This, combined with our caveman brain negativity bias to dwell on negative feedback and remember peak negative experiences, can undermine our levels of wellbeing and […]

Leading with head and heart

A guide to emotional intelligence in leadership The ABC “This Working Life” podcast with Dr Kirstin Ferguson, explores several important leadership concepts. This a link to the article at the bottom of this short article. Ferguson’s leadership framework contains eight abilities vital for the modern leader (four capabilities, which are head-based and four heart-based.) Head-based […]

Setting an intention for 2024

In a recent workshop with a team, we explored three aspects of surviving and thriving: Focus and energy In the session, we explored the things, people, and experiences that can drain your energy and those that replenish your energy, help you survive, and then move on from surviving to thriving at home and work. When […]

How to build more focus at work

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The lost art of paying attention In this month’s newsletter, I’ll explore one of my favourite topics, focus (or the loss of it) and how to sharpen it. Last month I asked a couple of hundred students questions about their ability to focus – the results are below. When I ask teams these questions, the […]

Mindfulness based cognitive behaviour therapy

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Mindfulness based cognitive behaviour therapy Summary The following is a practical guide for increasing self-belief, building resilience, handling stress, developing greater self-awareness, and building new healthy behaviours at home and work. This tool has been created based on a 12-minute video about resilience and thinking traps (resilience video). Watch the video and pause it at […]

Mindfulness podcast resources

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Mindfulness podcast resources Some of these mindfulness podcast interviews have changed my life.  Like many people, I spent a lot of time listening to podcasts during the pandemic. And a few have continued to help me navigate this messy business of life.  Here are my absolute favourites: Jack Kornfield  Jack Kornfield is a therapist, author […]

Developing emotional intelligence at work: an evidenced-based approach

Dan Goleman emotional intelligence at work

What is emotional intelligence (EI) and how does it relate to work and leadership? It’s better to reframe “what is EI” and think of EI as a range of developable abilities rather than a single thing. Peter Salovey and John Mayer were the first major researchers in this area, and they defined it as: “the […]

Mental agility training

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Mental agility training – start with, “I could be wrong” Whatever role you have in life probably involves making lots of decisions and evaluating things. For example, we assess each other’s performance, which option adds the most value, and we make predictions.   The problem is we often suck at it. Our biases, emotions and filters […]

Too much screen time – thriving, surviving or shrinking?

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Too much screen time – thriving, surviving or shrinking? In this post we consider two ideas from the world of psychology which help identify some of the factors associated with thriving. The first is Banduras self-efficacy theory and the second is Csikszentmihalyi’s Flow theory. The article takes about two minutes to read  Bandura’s self-efficacy theory […]

Screentime, self efficacy and being in a flow state

Find out more about how screen time disrupts self efficacy and flow

Screen time, self-efficacy and being in a state of flow This is the eighth in my series of posts about the impact of social media and screen time in on our wellbeing, communication  and our ability to make rational decisions.  This post takes about two minutes to read. The posts have been inspired by the book “Offline”, […]