Strengths Profile Assessment

Strengths-profile assessment

Are you at one of the following workplace transition points?

  • Moving into a new leadership role
  • Managing teams for the first time
  • Feeling low energy and demotivated at work
  • Transitioning into a new role and unsure how to proceed
  • Considering the next stage in your career development
  • Engaging in a new exciting project and want to know how best to direct your energy

If yes, book a strengths profile assessment today and find out how to play to your strengths and feel motivated and energised using the Cappfinity strengths profile tool – one of the leading workplace strengths assessments.

Book a Cappfinity Strengths profile assessment with positive leadership coach Andy Roberts


More about strengths

We are often told to play to our strengths at work, but surprisingly few people can clearly articulate their own strengths, their colleagues strengths, nor how those strengths align with their career goals and values.

Strengths profiling online assessment provides a unique understanding of how you relate to 60 strengths, explored through three dimensions:

•          Performance – how well do you do it?

•          Energy – how good do you feel when doing it? How much energy do you gain?

•          Use – how often do you do it? In which situations?

From this assessment, a coaching profile covers four areas:

  • Realised strengths – the things you do well, regularly use at work, and give you a buzz – do these more often but use wisely.
  • Learned behaviours – the things you are good at but leave you feeling depleted if used too often – do less of and use the support of your team.
  • Weaknesses – the things you perform poorly, dislike doing and drain your energy – if possible, avoid and explore how to address this with support from the team
  • Unrealised the strengths – the gold! The things you are great at and love to do but don’t use much in your current role.


Booking a strengths coaching session


Contact us today to book an online assessment. Once complete, we will provide a tailored workplace development report, a strengths profile feedback session, plus follow-up coaching to help you embed your realised and unrealised strengths more at work.

The online assessment takes about twenty minutes, and the coaching feedback session is 60 minutes. In addition, you’ll receive tailored strengths at work development report from Cappfinity.


Andy Roberts – Strengths Profile Coach


Andy brings together his decades of experience as a positive leadership coach, creator of several UK and Australian businesses, board experience, plus his long career in the finance industry at KPMG to help you be at your best at work.

Andy Roberts – Masters degree in applied positive psychology UEL, strengths profile coach, life coach Newcastle college, emotional intelligence coach MSCEIT