Emotional intelligence, engagement and resilience

At Breathe Australia we work with organisations and leaders to help develop their engagement, resilience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.  Our programs range from one to one emotional intelligence assessments and coaching through to yearlong employee engagement programs.

Our approach

We create tailored programs for organisations. These can range from short lunch time learning sessions, half and one day mind training at work programs and longer emotional intelligence and mindfulness programs.  In the last five years we have run 4-week, ten week and yearlong mind training programs for organisations . 

We also specialise in emotional intelligence psychometric profiling (MSCEIT model) and one to one emotional intelligence development programs,

Our courses, coaching and workshops bring together the most effective, evidenced based training tools from  the fields of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence and the latest research from the health and fitness industry.  These include:

  • Emotional intelligence assessment and development programs for individuals and teams (MSCEIT abilities-based assessment) 
  • Team engagement programs 
  • Team resilience workshops and courses

Each program is tailored to your training needs. However, we are typically asked to create programs which focus upon the following areas:

  • Mental wellbeing in the workplace
  • Focus, attention and safety at work 
  • Developing creativity in the workplace 
  • Techniques to help teams recognise, celebrate and use their own and each other’s strengths
  • Self-care wellbeing strategies to improve decision making, productivity and to help with work and home life balance
  • Developing greater self-awareness around emotional triggers and strategies for learning and growing from them
  • Using information from emotions to improve decision making
  • Techniques to help regulate and express emotions coherently 
  • Understanding and learning from cognitive biases and distortions
  • Techniques to help set goals and stick to them
  • Handling challenging situations and giving and receiving negative feedback 
  • Improving the awareness and understanding of emotional signals from others
  • Developing focus models to help leaders engage, listen to, incentivise and inspire teams
  • Developing greater emotional agility and flexibility to manage change