Strengths Accelerator Assessment


Strengths Accelerator

Explore how to reflect on, share, and play to your strengths in life. Take our free two-minute assessment of your strengths and receive confidential feedback on applying your top strengths to help build confidence, resilience and connection with friends and colleagues.


How it Works

Before completing this assessment, reflect on a specific moment in the last few months when you felt most energised, upbeat, and confident. Alternatively, you might want to reflect on a moment that was incredibly meaningful to you or was a point of learning and growth.

What were you doing, who were you with and why was that moment so special?

It may have been at work, home, supporting friends, in a sports team or passing an exam. Take your time to savour the feelings you experience as you reflect on that moment.

In the survey below, place a checkmark in the boxes to indicate which of your strengths you used most in the moment you thought of. Just focus on the strengths most used in the situation you thought of . You may have many or all the following strengths as top ones but restrict your responses to the strengths you were using at the time.


Use the following guide to indicate your responses:

Strongly DisagreeI didn’t use this strength at that time
DisagreeA tiny bit of this strength contributed to the moment
NeutralSome of this strength contributed to the moment
AgreeI used this strength quite a bit
Strongly AgreeThis strength really sums up the moment


To start the quiz just add your first name and click on “Start Quiz”. Results are displayed on screen at the end of the assessment. If you would like your results emailed to you, add your email address in the field provided.


You have a strong desire to know or learn how things work. You get excited about many different topics and seek out new information

You are always looking for ways to grow and develop; whatever you are doing.

When needs be, you can be a highly rational thinker. You enjoy making decisions and choosing wise actions quickly and easily.

You like to think of new ways to do things, often coming up with a new approach to a problem

You are very aware of the emotions and feelings of others and adept at reading a situation and fitting in

You can usually see the big picture, take the long view, and don't get bogged down by setbacks or heightened emotions.

You are courageous in speaking your truth and living your values. And you aren't afraid to take calculated risks when needs be.

You have a reputation for hard work, taking ownership of problems and completing tasks

You follow through and keep your promises to people.

You are friendly, generous and considerate and look for opportunities to help others.

You believe that love is the glue that binds us all and seek opportunities to both show love and are open to receiving love.

You work best in a group and work with others on a common goal.

You ensure others are treated equally, paying close attention to issues of fairness in your group at home and work.

You encourage and motivate people with positive energy, authenticity, hard work and making bold moves when they are needed.

You can easily calm things down when needs be – for your wellbeing and to help others around you.

You have heightened awareness of dangerous situations and help others plan to mitigate risks.

You derive great pleasure in enabling others to reach their goals and shine in life. You feel joyful helping others and derive quiet inner satisfaction when others succeed.

You find joy in beautiful things and show your gratitude to others who create beautiful things and strive for excellence.

You are often thankful and show gratitude to others. For you, being grateful for the things you have and expressing gratitude to others is a source of energy?

You look to the future and take knockbacks in your stride. You see setbacks as points of learning and tend to toward the glass half full school.

Having a sense that you are an important part of a vast and interconnected world is important to you. Having a sense of awe and wonder gives you energy and helps you deal with challenges.

You often take the view that life is too short to hold grudges and frequently find that by not holding on to arguments you are free to make new positive connections with people.

Play and humour are very important to you at home, work and with friends. It helps you stay light, be creative and it helps you connect with others.

You have vast reserves of energy and keep going with zest and enthusiasm when others give up.