Employee engagement in Australia: How engaged is your team? 

The key to driving growth and fostering creativity at work is to ensure that its team members’ goals and values align well with the organisation. We also need to find out whether the three essential pillars of engagement are strong:


Do team members feel a sense of autonomy within their role? Do their values and goals align with the organisations? Do their teammates respect difference and appreciate that each member has a different style of working? 


Do they have the necessary tools and skills to complete their tasks? 

Do they feel that there is sufficient trust within the organisation to reach out to colleagues when they feel out of their depth? 

Does the organisation provide adequate training, career advice and counselling and enable the team to play to their strengths? 

Are roles and expected outcomes clearly defined?

Positive relationships

Does the organisation celebrate and encourage diversity? 

Do people develop strong bonds within the organisation? 

Does the team take the time to celebrate the achievements and strengths within the organisation? 

Does the organisation create structures, which facilitate positive dialogue?

Our clients and case studies 

In North Queensland, we created the Thrive employee engagement program for pwc. Each month we focussed upon a different aspect of developing engagement at work. The program included short, punchy group sessions (two hours long), a practical workbook, a buddy network, connection via social media platforms, and weekly delivery of practical workplace engagement ideas delivered by mail chimp. The areas covered included:


What they said about the program 

“Andy has worked with our team for around 18 months. Initially, Andy delivered a 12 month Thrive program in which he passionately explored a number of areas that have helped us develop individually and as a team. Over the past 6 months Andy has then delivered a number of sessions to facilitate our transition from being PwC’s Townsville office to a locally owned accounting and advisory firm, PVW Partners. Andy continues to be committed to a long term relationship with PVW Partners and also to seeing results embedded within our organisation via regular follow up discussions and the sharing of relevant information with our team during and after the formal phase of his work was completed. Andy was more than just a facilitator or presenter, he’s become a valued and inspiring part of our team” Carl Valentine, Managing Partner – PwC, Townsville


”Andy is a compelling and informative speaker. Andy’s obvious enthusiasm for and expertise with his subject matter soon has the group in flow and connected with the process. Andy’s engagement with the audience is an integral part of the learning process makes for an entertaining and energetic discourse.” Greg Peel Principal Private Clients team PwC Townsville

Your next steps 

For more information about our programs contact andy@breathe-australia.com