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Strengths at work programs

The key to driving growth, building connections, and fostering creativity in a team is to ensure that, individually and collectively, the team is playing to its strengths and that people feel a strong connection between personal, career, and organisational goals and values.

Our strengths workshops use a combination of tools to help team members recognise, share, celebrate and use strengths effectively at work. These include a strengths-profile tool developed by Cappfinity and motivational strengths interviewing techniques.

We help teams reflect on their individual and group strengths and apply these to the challenges and opportunities the organisation faces to enable “mindful flow” within the organisation: a high-energy environment where people feel empowered to share ideas.

An example program

Training day – a one-day training day for the team to explore strengths – how to recognise, use, share and celebrate strengths and develop a culture where team members are empowered to give each other strengths-based feedback.

Connecting strengths with emotional intelligence at work – we connect strengths, values, and behaviours to emotional intelligence at work.

Individual coaching – before the workshop, each team member completes a confidential strength-at-work assessment called strengths-profile. They will then receive a strengths profile report and a one-to-one feedback session in which we will explore how to use the results to connect with colleagues, build greater self-awareness and perform tasks more effectively.

Reporting on team strengths and weaknesses – we will aggregate the data from the 16 strengths profile assessments to explore the overall team strengths and weaknesses. Together, we will explore applying our strengths to meet organisational challenges and take advantage of opportunities. We will discuss the steps to mitigate team weaknesses.

More about the strengths-profile tool

We are often told to play to our strengths at work, but surprisingly few people can clearly articulate their strengths, those of their colleagues, nor how those strengths align with their career goals and values. According to research, 70% of us find it challenging to say where our strengths lie.

Strengths profiling online assessment provides a unique understanding of how we relate to 60 strengths, explored through three dimensions:

  • Performance – how well do you do it?
  • Energy – how good do you feel when doing it? How much energy do you gain or lose?
  • Use – how often do you do it? In which situations?


From this assessment, we provide a coaching feedback session exploring how to make the most out of your results.

  • Realised strengths – the things you do well, regularly use at work, and give you a buzz – do these more often but use wisely (consider the impact of your top strengths on the team)
  • Learned behaviours – the things you are good at but leave you feeling depleted if used too often – do less of and use the support of your team.
  • Weaknesses – the things you perform poorly, dislike doing and drain your energy – if possible, avoid and explore how to address this with support from the team
  • Unrealised the strengths – the gold! The things you are great at and love to do but don’t use much in your current role.


Program outcomes

  • Tailored one-to-one strengths coaching.
  • Deepen knowledge of individual and organisational strengths and weaknesses.
  • Practice motivational strengths interviewing and appreciative enquiry techniques to improve collaboration and connection.
  • Learn techniques to use realised and unrealised strengths to compensate for weaknesses.
  • Explore how to bring unrealised strengths into roles at work.
  • Learn how to give strengths-based feedback to colleagues.
  • Connect individual behaviours to strengths and values, developing greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how to apply the strengths-profile report findings to training needs and career development.
  • Apply team strengths to meet organisational challenges and take advantage of opportunities.
  • Learn how to use strengths-profile to build wellbeing and resilience.


Example program structure and cost

Training day  – $4,500 plus GST

Strengths profile assessments, tailored reports and coaching sessions – $350 plus GST per person


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