Strengths Coaching

The key to driving growth and fostering creativity at work is to ensure that individually and collectively, the team are playing to their strengths and that people feel a strong connection between personal, career and organisational goals and values.

Our strengths workshops use a combination of tools to help team members recognise, share, celebrate and use strengths effectively at work. These include the Values in Action strengths assessment (VIA), strengths-profile (cappfinity) and motivational strengths interviewing techniques.

We help teams reflect on their individual and group strengths and apply these to the challenges and opportunities the organisation faces to enable “mindful flow” within the organisation: a high-energy environment where people feel empowered to share ideas. 

Deepening understanding of strengths helps leaders get to the heart of what drives the three pillars of engagement in teams:


·       Do team members feel a sense of autonomy within their role? 

·       Do their values and goals align with the organisation? 

·       Do their teammates respect differences and appreciate that each member has a different working style? 


·       Do they have the necessary tools and skills to complete their tasks? 

·       Do they feel sufficient trust within the organisation to reach out to colleagues when they feel out of their depth? 

·       Does the organisation provide adequate training, mentoring, career advice and counselling, enabling the team to play to their strengths? 

·       Are roles and expected outcomes clearly defined?

Positive relationships

·       Does the organisation celebrate and encourage diversity? 

·       Do people develop strong bonds within the organisation? 

·       Does the team take the time to celebrate the achievements and strengths within the organisation? 

·       Does the organisation create structures which facilitate positive dialogue?

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