Positive Leadership Programs

What is positive leadership?

We often start our workshops with a few simple questions, such as:

·       How do you want to be treated at work?

·       How do you want to treat others?

·       Consider some of the great leaders in your life – what do they do which inspires you? Which of their qualities do you want to emulate?

From these opening questions, we explore how to use ideas and tools from applied positive psychology to help develop authenticity, balance, pragmatism, resilience, positivity, self-compassion, trust, mindfulness, self-care, grit, emotional agility and optimism.

We’ve been teaching and coaching in positive psychology since 2009, enabling us to develop a deep understanding of the techniques and frameworks that add the most value at work.

Being a positive leader does not mean you and your team shy away from confronting tough conversations and emotions. Positive leadership means maintaining a balanced perspective and considering the widest perspective possible. 

Our “Thrive at work” programs include the following areas of applied positive psychology:The relationship between Flow and a mindful workplace

·       Strengths and appreciative enquiry

·       Time perspective and its impacts on effectiveness, wellbeing and creativity

·       The building blocks of engagement at work – autonomy, competence and positive relationships

·       Explanatory style and mindfulness based cognitive behaviour coaching 

·       Thinking traps and heuristic biases

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