Mindfulness at work

Before developing any mindfulness and leadership development program, we learn about the organisation’s culture and practices. 

The best mindfulness at work programs equips team members with tools to develop greater balance, resilience, focus and compassion for self and teammates. And also helps the team apply mindfulness to shared team strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  

Successful programs form an integral part of other areas of learning and development. Mindfulness programs are less successful when they are used as “sticking pasters” to systemic organisational problems.

About our mindfulness at work programs

  • Understand what mindfulness means and how it can be best deployed at work
  • Learn techniques to help handle stress and leave work at work
  • Develop greater focus and clarity at work
  • Create psychosocial safety at work enabling a flow of ideas between colleagues
  • Learn an empowering Breathe Australia mindfulness model which helps the team focus on the things at work which add value
  • Learn techniques to help de-clutter and add clarity at work
  • Help foster clear communication with colleagues, customers and suppliers
  • Develop and understand boundaries and understand how to create a positive mindset about areas of control and influence

The benefits of mindfulness at work

Mindfulness training programs lead to improvements in all of the following areas: creativity – sharing of information between colleagues – improved communication – lower absenteeism – reduced staff turnover – increased productivity.

Regular mindfulness practises form the basis for good physiological and psychological wellbeing for the individual and fosters engagement, productivity and communication in the workplace.

Mindfulness is a great way to sustain and develop mental fitness. Regular practitioners of mindfulness enjoy improved levels of tenacity – acceptance – openness to new ideas – interpersonal trust – emotional and cognitive regulation – greater focus – improved recall – reduced stress.

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