Emotional Intelligence

Our courses and workshops help individuals and teams:

  • handle stress
  • collaborate better
  • manage people
  • communicate clearly
  • be effective
  • be creative
  • develop leadership capabilities

We offer half and one-day workshops, longer programs spanning six months and more, and one-to-one coaching.  We also use the Mayers Salovey Caruso abilities test of emotional intelligence called (MSCEIT). This assessment gives invaluable feedback on ability to recognise, understand, use and manage emotions to optimise decision making.

What is the value add for developing emotional intelligence (EQ) at work?

In a fast-paced working environment, people need to excel in the following four areas:

(R) Recognise emotions – anticipate social signals sent by clients and colleagues. This helps us share information effectively, satisfy expectations, become aware of each other’s triggers, become more aware of goals and values and add value to customers.

(U) Use emotions – be able to generate new feelings which are relevant to the task at hand. This is essential when handling heightened workloads or dealing with challenging customers, stakeholders, suppliers or colleagues. Being able to regulate emotions is a core leadership capability. Regulation of emotions does not mean emotional suppression – it means tuning into the rich seam of data that emotions convey about each other’s goals and values and then communicating with balance and clarity.

(U) Understand emotions – if we know why emotions arise and what actions people are most likely to take, we are well-placed to manage teams and anticipate customer requirements and timelines.

(M) Manage emotions – emotions provide information about whether our own goals or other people’s goals have been obstructed or satisfied. Knowing how to use this information and apply useful strategies to embed learning helps us grow and develop resilience.

Each of us has a different ability in each of these areas. Knowledge of our unique (RUUM) profile enables us to direct training to where individual and organisational needs are greatest and add the most value.

We’ve been working with teams and individuals to help develop their core workplace emotional intelligence abilities since 2009.  To find out more about our approach, contact us today.

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