Self-compassionate leadership

1) Self-compassionate leadership and strengths at work In our group workshops, we explore research about people’s attitudes toward their strengths. Seventy percent find it hard to articulate where their strengths lie clearly. This, combined with our caveman brain negativity bias to dwell on negative feedback and remember peak negative experiences, can undermine our levels of wellbeing and […]

FLOW at work

Unlocking the Power of Understanding: What Motivates Your Colleagues? Whether you are a team leader, new in a work role or a student, understanding another person’s “why” is an essential collaboration and life skill.  Some of our clients are natural super communicators and collaborators. They understand that through curiosity and genuine interest in another person, […]

How to make the most of your VIA strengths results

Applied Positive psychology – playing to your strengths In our introduction to strengths workshops, we often ask people to reflect on the VIA strengths list of 24 and pick two strengths they thought were most important to them in helping guide their actions in the coming months.  VIA stands for values in action and subtly […]

VIA strengths profile 

Recognise, celebrate, and share each other’s strengths – using VIA to build a strengths-based culture at work  This three-minute article provides tips and tools for interpreting your strengths profile results and using them to build resilience, increase energy at work and when studying, collaborate better with colleagues and build focus. At Breathe Australia, we often […]