Case Study: Wellbeing

 Avantgarde London team wellbeing program

Avantgarde is one of Europe’s premier brands experience business. The London team of 40 people has experienced significant staff changes over the last three years, handling the challenges of growing the business during a pandemic and equipping the team with tools to be well and connect with each other.

The remit of the program:

  • Quirky wellbeing – the team are a highly sophisticated and educated group who demanded interesting and novel ways to explore wellbeing
  • A mixture of face-to-face and webinar wellbeing workshops
  • One-to-one positive psychology coaching
  • Therapies

Our London community of therapists at Breathe London provided a range of wellbeing workshops, including aromatherapy for mental wellbeing, guided local area walks and tai chi in the office.

Other webinar workshops included:

  • Mindfulness at work.
  • Nutrition and stress.
  • Women’s stress.
  • Building a positive mindset.
  • Achieving personality-based goals, healthy compartmentalisation.
  • Emotional agility training.

HPSC JCU wellbeing program

JCU health professional’s self-care program (2017 to current) – all year-one medicine, pharmacy and dental students receive eight hours of training on our health professional’s self-care program. The program includes face-to-face lectures and workshops supported by online video content and resource materials.

Published research into our program points to an improvement in student resilience levels and a reduction in the stigma of mental health (Health Professions Education 6 (2020) 162e169)

Carers Queensland self-compassion program for carers

Over the last eight years we have worked on multiple wellbeing programs for staff and carers at Carers Queensland.

For more than 30 years, Carers Queensland has been working to advocate for equal rights, opportunities, and enhanced outcomes for families. They work within and value our local community, responding to unmet need with care and respect, assisting those who are disconnected through high-quality personalised support.

During an organisation restructure in 2020 we ran a program for leaders using strengths to build personal resilience and help lead and manage through uncertainty. And we also ran a five-week mindfulness program delivered via webinar to support a group of carers.

The modules for the program included:

  • Handling stress using breathwork techniques 
  • Understanding the circle of control for carers
  • Handling distraction
  • Applying self-compassion to negative self-talk
  • Loving kindness meditation as a tool for carers

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