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"Andy has worked with our team for around 18 months. Initially, Andy delivered a 12 month Thrive program in which he passionately explored a number of areas that have helped us develop individually and as a team. Over the past 6 months Andy has then delivered a number of sessions to facilitate our transition from being PwC’s Townsville office to a locally owned accounting and advisory firm, PVW Partners. Andy continues to be committed to a long term relationship with PVW Partners and also to seeing results embedded within our organization via regular follow up discussions and the sharing of relevant information with our team during and after the formal phase of his work was completed. Andy was more than just a facilitator or presenter, he’s become a valued and inspiring part of our team" Carl Valentine, Managing Partner – PwC, Townsville

"As senior leaders from a variety of industries and organisations, we asked Andy to develop and deliver a workshop that would suit our needs both individually and also help develop  skills in leading our teams. Andy designed one that exactly met the brief and we had a fabulous day learning, due to his: knowledge and passion for the topic; engaging style; and ability to tune into the individual and group dynamics. I would thoroughly recommend Andy"  Kari Arbouin Associate Vice Chancellor at CQ University Australia

“Andy recently delivered a workshop to the team on Emotional Intelligence, which was both informative and engaging.   His insight has assisted our staff and business with resilience skills, which will enable us to grow in an industry of rapid disruption.  Andy brings to the table extensive knowledge in this area with warmth and humour and combined with his current and past experiences in the corporate world helps makes it very relatable.    We very much enjoyed working with Andy and look forward to incorporating more workshops into our team development sessions.” Lisa Leonardi Bank of Queensland

 “Andy is an excellent practitioner and manages to combine his holistic skills with his commercial background in an interesting way. Not only does he have a warm and engaging personality, but he has a very clear concept of how to provide wellbeing and coaching services in the commercial sector.”  The Hon. Richard Alston Australian High Commissioner to the UK (2005 to 2008)

 “For me as a leader, I often think the struggle can be more important than the immediate outcome. I wanted my team to rise above tasks and list management and think about what is really required to be successful as a client facing team. Andy provided a bridge between results and individual and collective "wellbeing" and helped us see the balance between "doing" and" being”.Eric Walker HR Director Hess Corporation, Exploration and Production

" Andy is a compelling and informative speaker. Andy's obvious enthusiasm for and expertise with his subject matter soon has the group in flow and connected with the process. Andy's engagement with the audience is an integral part of learning process makes for an entertaining and energetic discourse." Greg Peel Principal Private Clients team PwC Townsville

“We invited Andy to join our voluntary and professionally diverse group of leaders when we had already been immersed in parts of mindfulness and self development for three years.  Andy's comfort within his own skin, clear passion for and extensive knowledge of the topic, together with engaging delivery kept the whole group engrossed for the day. We focused on emotional intelligence as our entry point and Andy helped us leave with specific actions to try. I'm definitely going to introduce Andy to the rest of the Exec Team at Australian Pork.”  Peter Haydon Marketing Director Australian Pork Association


Andy has been volunteering his time and expertise to Carers Queensland since January 2015. Andy delivered a monthly Carers support group over a period of 12 months engaging unpaid carers in wellness activities. Andy passionately developed many programs targeted to the emotional and physical wellbeing of carers in our community and delivered those on a completely voluntary basis.

Over the past 24 months Andy has offered many carers free spots in his wellness workshops and delivered a number of sessions at our major events including wellness retreats and Carers week. Andy continues to be committed to a long term relationship with Carers Queensland and is passionate in our shared vision to enrich the lives of all carers in our community. Andy is more than just a facilitator or presenter, he’s become a valued and inspiring part of our team and a source of wisdom for all carers in our community.’’ Kirsty Ahern, Team Leader, Carers Queensland

Some of Breathe Australia’s most recent projects 2017 and 2018

Australian Institute of Marine Sciences

One to one MSCEIT emotional intelligence profiling, coaching and development for the womena at AIMS group

CQ University 

One day team connector workshop.  Positive psychology strengths finding tools 

James Cook University College of Business Law and Governance

Two day emotional intelligence workshop 

HAYS Recruitment North Queensland 

Four month leadership program focussing on resilience, EQ and strengths 

CQ University 

Speaker at their 2017 leadership conference "Dare to be different" - Short workshop on how to enable, cultivate and celebrate diversity to add value

Bank of Queensland (BOQ)

BOQ were interested in one to one and group training and wanted to explore a fresh approach to raising self-awareness among the team. They were also interested in how emotional intelligence profiling could help direct future training needs.

We did individual testing of emotional intelligence using MSCEIT and provided one to one coaching sessions.  Each member of the team received a 90-minute one to one coaching session, tailored EQ report setting out his or her strengths and weaknesses plus EQ coaching suggestions.   Based upon the aggregated results of the organisation we were able to better understand the future training needs of the organisation and provide each team member practical tools to help manage stress, regulate their emotions, understand their colleagues better, share information better and communicate positively.  We are currently developing a future training program based on these aggregated results.

PVW Partners

PVW were in the process of buying the non-audit arm of PwC in Townsville.  They wanted assistance in ensuring a smooth transition for the team.  In particular they were concerned about the impact on the team as they transitioned from working for a multinational consultancy business to a small, North Queensland focused practice.

Over three months we ran a series of four half-day workshops covering the following areas:

  • understanding group concerns about the transition process and how to address them
  • developing new organisational values and mission statement with the PVW partners
  • introducing the values to the team
  • building on the strengths of PwC, connecting to the local market and playing to individual and group strengths

PwC in Townsville

PwC in Townsville were interested in developing a program to increase engagement levels within the team.  We developed a program called Thrive at PwC, which at its core aimed to develop the three pillars of engagement, namely autonomy, positive relationships and competence.

Each month, over a 10 month period, we provided the team with a short workshop covering some of the following areas: developing focus and flow at work, understanding heuristic biases, developing EQ, playing to strengths as well as physical wellbeing.

Australian Pork Association Ltd in Canberra (APA)

Exec team and the marketing team of APA

We worked with the exec team and subsequently the marketing department using the same EQ development tools as at the BOQ.  The program involved one to one coaching and assessments followed by a group workshop. As with BOQ we provided the organisation with a group EQ profile report.  We also ran a one-day workshop based upon areas of EQ development potential.  In particular we focused upon developing new APA emotionally intelligent behaviors, which fit with the culture of the organisation.

We continue to provide one to one leadership development coaching to the Exec team.

CQ University

CQU wanted a fun, informative and practical guided to developing resilience for their new student group.

We created a short tailored resilience workshop addressing the specific needs of students.  This workshop has already been run for year one students.  We are exploring with CQU how to roll this out to other student groups.


Australian Institute of Marine Sciences (AIMS)

AIMS were interested in learning more about EQ profiling and its applications.  In particular they wished to provide the team practical tools for managing stress, balancing work and home life and improving communication.

We provided one to one EQ testing and coaching to the women at AIMS group.  The framework mirrored the APA model. We provided one to one coaching and then aggregated the results in order to create a tailored group workshop which best matched the training requirements of the group

Some of our corporate clients

Imperial College LondonHESSKPMGMichael Page InternationalGlobal Capital House of Commons