Wellbeing and team connection webinars


Wellbeing and team connection webinars 

Over the last two years, we've run hundreds of wellbeing webinars for teams in Australia, South Africa, the UK, and Southeast Asia.

Fun, interactive and engaging

We've created workshops that have a simple basis – "what is it, why are we doing it, and how do we do it?". 

Our reputation is that we provide practical leadership solutions making psychology, wellbeing and brain science accessible, understandable, and relatable at work. And we provide tools, techniques and frameworks which help people feel more energised, collaborative, focussed and creative.

Some recent happy clients - GEMCO, South32, AECOM, NQ Dry Tropics, Cameron, Agent3, Betterbankside, CLA, Australian Institute Marine Science, Dott Group, Pulse Staffing, Carers Queensland, Carers Tasmania, Inclusive Employers Group

Making a booking

Order online using the booking form below to book a 50-minute webinar using Teams or Zoom. We'll then contact you to schedule the session. The cost for each session is $1,350 plus GST (£775).  Number of participants - up to fifty people per session

Webinar details

The following are some of the webinars we've run over the last few years. Book a webinar today, and we'll contact you to discuss how we can adapt our core content to align with your training goals.

  • Sleep well - realigning our mind and body rhythms for mental and physical wellbeing 
  • Avoiding burnouts - techniques to monitor and raise self-awareness about stress, connect with others and apply wellbeing systems at trigger points 
  • Boundary setting and focus - creating positive cut off between home time and work time and maintaining focus during the day
  • Self-compassion - understanding self-talk and engaging the self-compassion response in order to help meet challenges
  • Embedded mindfulness - making mindfulness a habit during the working day: rest-reset-refocus
  • Resilience at work - positive pragmatism in the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity 
  • Emotional agility at work - learning to recognise, learn from and move on from emotions
  • Building blocks of emotional intelligence at work - what is emotional intelligence? How does it add value at work?
  • Identifying common workplace challenges - your self-development focus, self-awareness and understanding emotional triggers at work
  • Listening well - developing active listening skills
  • Conflict resolution at work - using a mindfulness-based approach
  • Coaching feedback - giving and receiving feedback using a mindfulness-based approach 
  • Handling anxiety - breathing exercises, and other self-soothing strategies to help engage the rest and restore response
  • Move well and energise your home office - why 10,000 steps a day isn’t just good for your wellbeing but helps with creativity, focus and effectiveness at work
  • Building wellbeing systems at home and work - tips and tools to help create new healthy habits and stick to them
  • Stretch well and energise - the antidote to back-to-back online meetings - inserting micro energy breaks into your day
  • Focus well - practising meditation techniques and reducing clutter
  • Imposter syndrome and other self-limiting beliefs - owning and recognising self-talk, it’s impacts and strategies to develop self-compassion 
  • Connect well - making positive connection with friends and family a daily habit
  • Team connection - connecting to teammates through understanding strengths and values
  • Emotional contagion and empathy at work - strategies to cultivate positivity and empathy in a team
  • Bias and noise at work - what are heuristics? When do they add value and when do they undermine effectiveness, wellbeing and collaboration?
  • Mental agility at work - how to improve the quality of decision making and collaborate better