strengths, boundaries and compassion program


One day strengths, boundaries and compassion program

The course is on Saturday 29th at the Life Savers club by the Rockpool, Townsville.

We’ve limited the program to 12 people.  

Prior to the program you will be given some pre-reading and some questions to consider. We will also arrange a one-hour webinar to gauge your views on strengths, boundaries and compassion. We will also discuss what you would like to get out of the program.

About your day

  • Arrive 845am ready for a 9am start
  • Lunch will be provided 
  • Energy breaks throughout the day
  • Activity one - recognising, celebrating and sharing our strengths
  • Activity two - building strong boundaries
  • Activity three - compassion for yourself and compassion for others
  • Finish time - 4.30pm

Two weeks after our program, you will be invited to a follow up webinar, to explore how you applied the ideas at home and work.

Cost and booking

The full cost of this program is $400 plus GST for full day workshop plus two webinars

However, we have an early bird discount of $140 up until the 8th May. ie $260 plus GST -  $286

If your organisation is paying for your attendance, please contact us to arrange payment.

Trainer background - Andy Roberts

Andy is a former consultant with 13 years’ experience at KPMG in the UK and Australia. In 2003 he began a new career in coaching and wellbeing. 

Andy is passionate about many different aspects of physical and mental wellbeing. He has practised vipassana meditation for many years and has been an accredited yoga teacher and physical therapist for over eighteen years. 

In 2008 he took a masters degree in applied positive psychology and specialises in mindfulness, resilience, emotional intelligence coaching and leadership wellbeing.

He lectures in resilience and mindfulness at the College of Medicine and Dentistry at James Cook University.