Sleep well online wellbeing program


Sleep well online wellbeing program 

Getting enough sleep, and getting good quality sleep, is a challenge for many of us. 2020 has not helped. Many people face uncertainty and upheaval in their work routines, travel plans, and life in general. Trying to make sense of all these changes is a real challenge, and for a lot of people, this worry and fear are impacting their sleep.

Before covid 19, the demands of an always-on and always accessible society had blurred the boundaries between home time, family time, friend time and work time. And now with many of working from home, these boundaries maybe even weaker. Recent research points to a decline in sleep quality for many people during covid 19.

We created this program because sleep is such an essential part of our lives. And sleep quality has a massive impact on our wellbeing and also our effectiveness and safety at work.

There’s broad agreement on the factors which either promote restful sleep or undermine it. These include:

increased work stress, alcohol, pain, sleep apnea, obesity, digital distraction, caffeine, blue light in the evenings, high-fat diets, irregular shift patterns, grief, sedentary lifestyles, uncertainty or irregular sleep routines.

And without research backup, many of us know how we feel foggy in the brain, lethargic and have low coping and decision-making capacity when we are sleep deprived.

About our program

 Our approach helps you understand your natural mind and body rhythms better and understand the small changes you can make to help bring them back into balance.

Our six modules are packed with short video explainers and easily applied tips and tools

  • Module 1 - sleep tracker and sleep survey - assessing your sleep quality and rhythms 
  • Module 2 - understanding your mind and body rhythms 
  • Module 3 - creating new healthy habits
  • Module 4 - mindfulness techniques for sleep
  • Module 5 - the adverse impacts of poor sleep 
  • Module 6 - tools to help you build your 60-day wellbeing plan 

We take a pragmatic approach to building new healthy patterns. Rather than dictating - “don’t do this and don’t do that approach”, we provide you with tools to help you develop more self-compassion and introduce new healthy circuit breaker habits and routines which gently nudge your rhythms back into balance.

Enrolling on our program

Once enrolled, you will have access to the program content for six months so that you can watch and listen to the content as many times as you like. We also give you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

You can enrol onto the course on the learning platform Teachable, or you can make payment here by scrolling to the bottom of the screen - Breathe Teachable Online Programs

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