Self-compassion four week program Townsville


Self-compassion program at Hands in Harmony 

Our self-compassion program starts on the 25th February at the Hands in Harmony wellbeing centre on Flinders Street. 

The program runs between 6pm and 8pm each Thursday night for four weeks.  1 PLACE LEFT ON THIS PROGRAM - However, two people who reserved a place may drop out. If you want to come along please call or txt 0467225241 Andy

What to expect

  • Eight hours of mindfulness self-compassion training
  • Build greater self-compassionate awareness of self-talk, reactivity and automatic behaviours
  • Learn techniques to build more hope, optimism and self-kindness 
  • Understand how to apply the techniques at home and work to feel calmer, centred and less anxious
  • Learn breathwork techniques from Yoga, chi kung movement and Tibetan Bon practises.
  • Understand the neuroscience of how we can retrain our brains to feel happier and more confident, focussed and relaxed
  • Learn how to use the values in action strengths (VIA) positive psychology tool in order to develop greater emotional agility, self-compassion and compassion for other people
  • Learn how to use the VIA in order to reframe and reset relationships with other people
  • Practice metta bhavana guided meditation techniques
  • Learn techniques to become more focussed and better able to reduce clutter and distraction
  • Free enrolment in four modules of our online "Fresh start brain gym series" (valued at $300) for six months - you will be able to listen to guided meditations, self-awareness tool kits, watch video explainers and have tools for applying self-care techniques at home and work.

Common questions

  • Do I need experience - You don't need any prior experience to do this program. 
  • Will I learn how to use the techniques? - This is an experiential self-care program. We will explore some of the science supporting the methods but most of our sessions are about trying the methods and sharing experiences in how to apply them at home and work.
  • Do I have to talk? - It's up to you whether you want to engage in sharing experiences or whether you just want to listen. It's a safe place to do your own thing. It's your day.
  • How many people will be there? - We are limiting numbers to 12 people
  • What shall I wear? Something light which will enable you to move and stretch a little.

Please let us know if you have any questions for us. For example, access to the studio and any special needs you may have.

Joining the program

To enrol scroll to the bottom and reserve your space via our online booking system.

The four-week program plus 6 months free access to our online program costs $275. 

Give yourself the gift of spending time on yourself and learn lifelong self-care and self-love tools.