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  • Mindset, Focus and Energy
  • Mindset, Focus and Energy

One day mindfulness course Townsville


One-day weekend intensive mindfulness course in Townsville

Over the last ten years we have run dozens of weekend and 8 week mindfulness courses here in Australia and the UK.  We are now running six special one-day workshops, which focus on each of the six different building blocks of our course.

The first day course on 2nd December focuses on stress management , breath work and relaxation.  For those of you who have been to one of our courses we will introduce new pranayama (breathing exercises) and other intensely relaxing exercises.  For people who haven’t been to one of our courses it will be a great introduction to practical mindfulness techniques.

The course is held at the beautiful Live and Breathe Yoga studio , Denham Street, Townsville .  Course costs $195 .  Registration starts today and we are limiting the course to 12 people. The course runs 11am to 5.30pm 

TO BOOK NOW SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM AND CLICK ON THE CART – once you reserve your place you will receive a receipt confirmation - 3 spots left 

About our mindfulness courses and how they differ from others

Our longer courses include six key modules.  They differ from many other mindfulness courses, such as the 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction program, in that it weaves my knowledge of positive psychology and yoga into a unique framework. 

For example we use strengths coaching to help us see ourselves, and the people around us in a different light.  This allows us to gently detach from an overly ridged view of ourselves and others.  I  took a masters in Applied Positive Psychology ten years ago at UEL in the UK.  My dissertation was how to introduce mindfulness into organisations and I have spent many years thinking about how to weave positive psychology and mindfulness into a framework for thriving and many years working with organisations to introduce programs that fit with their culture.

Over the next few years we are going to run a series of deeper one-day courses focussing on each area in turn.

Course content for our longer programs 

P - Patterns of thinking - we explore our auto pilot thinking patterns and learn techniques to observe these in a non judgmental, curious and compassionate way.  We do this in a number of different ways.  For example we use positive psychology strengths tools to help us observe the world through a different prism

E - Exploring the mind and body connection - here we introduce the science behind body scanning techniques and learn how to observe the connection between the mind and the body in a safe and nurturing way.  We also explore the connection between mindfulness, self awareness and emotional intelligence

A - Attention - in this section we learn techniques to focus our attention, calm busy minds and learn to live more in balance and harmony

R - Relaxation - The definition of mindfulness is to observe whatever arises in a non-judgmental way.  However when we are feeling stressed and anxious, with an abundance of fight/flight chemicals in our system, we may be hard wired to observe our environment and ourselves in a negative way. In this section we focus upon deep diaphragmatic breathing techniques to help prepare the conditions for mindfulness to flourish.  This is actually stage one of our course and forms the bedrock of all the other stages

L - Love - Developing mindfulness without love and compassion for ourselves and the world around us, has been described as bare attention.  In this section we introduce techniques from the field of positive psychology to help us develop underlying

S - Safety - Mindfulness needs to be introduced mindfully!  As we explore our own minds and the minds of the people around us we need to build a safe nurturing space for that observation to flourish.  In this section we introduce techniques to help us develop the right attitude to mindfulness. Namely we need to be Curious, Open, Accepting, Compassionate and Humble in our journey (COACH)