Mindset coaching with Andy Roberts


Mindset coaching with Andy Roberts

Andy is a former consultant with 13 years of experience at KPMG. In 2003 he began a new career in coaching and wellbeing, which led him to teach medical students’ resilience and self-care and run leadership programs worldwide.

He started his wellbeing  and coaching journey by training to become a sports therapist. In 2008 he took a masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London and trained as an emotional intelligence coach (MSCEIT model). His masters degree dissertation explored how to build value-add mindfulness programs within organisations.

He owns a multi-disciplinary, thirty practitioner wellbeing business in London and divides his time between his home in Sydney, business in the UK and his leadership coaching commitments around Australia. 

Leaders come to him for coaching sessions for a range of reasons including:

  • Developing a positive mindset
  • Building resilience 
  • Improving communication and collaboration skills
  • Adding more creativity in their roles
  • Improving presence and energy levels to help engage their teams
  • Advice on wellbeing, including sleep, stress and nutrition
  • Building focus

Making a booking

Hour long coaching sessions $A400 plus GST (£250)

Teams or Zoom


Vast international experience in delivering successful, long term, tailored leadership, and team engagement programs. Clients we’ve worked with:

Recruitment and agency - HAYS Recruitment, Pulse staffing, Arrows Group UK, Camron PR London, Agent3

Higher education - James Cook University, CQ University

Healthcare - Queensland Health, CQ Health, Mater Health (via the College of Business, Law and Governance at JCU), National Health Service UK

Professional services - PwC, PVW Partners, Wilson Ryan Grose, Court Services Victoria (Dott group), House of Commons services

Mining and engineering - South 32, GEMCO, AECOM, Amerada Hess, Women in mining and resources Queensland, AGL (Dott Group)

Environment - The Australian Institute of Marine Science, NQ Dry Tropics

Community - Carers Queensland, Carers Tasmania Yourstory, Betterbankside, Inclusive Employers Group UK, Jubilee Hall Trust

Food and agriculture - Sydney Fish Market, Australian Pork Association, Wilmar, Brolos GFC Perth