Carers Online Mindfulness Program


Carers online mindfulness program

We originally created this online program for the organisation Carers Queensland. We wanted to reach out to other carers around Australia and give you the opportunity to access content. 

The program aims are to provide carers, who are often short on time, simple practical tools to help develop self-care and self-compassion. If you are a carer in Queensland, or any other part of Australia, this course should provide you with some new tools and remind you of some old practices.

Our program includes short video presentations, recordings of carers sharing their experiences, links to mindfulness resources, self-awareness reflection journaling, practical techniques and audio guided meditations.

The emphasis of the program is on practical evidenced based techniques which you can apply at home and work. Each module follows a similar format:

  • Techniques section – videos and audio guided meditations
  • Self-reflection space – an assessment of your current abilities
  • Neuro coaching – in this section we explore how the techniques help us re wire the brain for compassion, calmness and focus
  • Applications – practical tips for how to apply the techniques

Once enrolled, on our Teachable learning platform, you will be able to access content immediately.  The six areas of our program are delivered in modules over the next six weeks. 

At the end of the six-week period we will send you a certificate of completion for our program

Additional 6-month content access - you will be able to access this content for the next six months

About our program

Over the course of six weeks we explore techniques to help handle stress & anxiety, develop greater focus, learn from habitual patterns and begin to develop greater self-compassion and compassion for others. 

Each week we focus on a different area of mindfulness:

  1. Building presence and developing mindful behaviours 
  2. Breathwork techniques to help create the conditions for us to be mindful and feel calmer and more centred
  3. Focus techniques to help us quieten busy minds, increase alertness and improve cut off between tasks and attention to detail
  4. Learning to be present to our thoughts and habitual patterns with kindness and compassion
  5. Developing greater emotional awareness.  In this element of the course we explore a simple model of mindfulness to help us to be more self-aware.  We also introduce techniques to help us observe, own, learn from and move on from the emotions we experience
  6. Developing more self-compassion.  In this element we explore the concept of self-compassion and tools to develop more self-love, curiosity, openness and acceptance of our place in the world

Enrol in our program today

The course costs $150 for six months access

To reserve your spot simply click on the cart below.  You can either use a credit or debit card or if you have one a paypal account.  Once you click through to the paypal account you have the option pay as a guest using a debit or credit card.  

If your organisation is paying for your place please contact us by the contact page and we can arrange invoicing.

Alternatively you can book on Teachable