Breathe Well Online Program


breathe well online program

handling stress - developing focus - effectiveness at work

Millions of us experience stress and anxiety. And that’s hardly surprising given some of today’s workplace challenges:

  • Information overload
  • Blurred boundaries between home time and work time
  • Always on and always available culture
  • Complex reporting structures
  • Clients and stakeholders who used to the immediate gratification of their needs
  • Heightened stress levels in our colleagues - bouncing stress off each other
  • Fear and uncertainty about the impact of Covid 19 on the economy and working arrangements

There’s no magic wand to fix these challenges. However, evidence-based, practical tools can help us reduce stress and give us greater clarity as we address our challenges.

Breathe Well is one of our Self Care at work programs to equip teams and leaders with the tools to handle and thrive in today’s complex and noisy environment.

About our program

The program is packed with video presentations, guided breathing exercises, tools and tips for practising breathing techniques and how to apply them at home, work and space in between. 

Program modules:

  • Introduction - how to get the most out of the program and the science supporting breathing techniques
  • Introduction to breathing exercises - guided audio exercises
  • Self-awareness and workplace application tools - a reflection on your resilience levels and ideas for applying techniques at home and work
  • Brain gym section - video explainers about neuroscience research supporting mindful breath awareness
  • Advance breathwork techniques - guided audio exercises
  • Breathing for space - guided audio exercises to help create more space inside ourselves to help handle pain, reduce tension and increase movement 

Ordering your place

Sign up to the program and receive 12 months of access to the content. To reserve your place (course cost $150) scroll to the bottom of this page or follow the link to our online learning platform.

Breathe Well Teachable Program