360 Degree Wellbeing - health check-up and four week healthy habits lifestyle plan


About 360 degree wellbeing & healthy habits lifestyle plan

In our first session we take physical measurements which include your  resting heart rate, blood pressure, body fat percentage, hydration levels and your grip strength.  To do this we use the latest Inbody body analysis testing equipment.  We then compare these results to the recommended levels for your age and gender.

We also ask questions about stress levels, lifestyle habits, exercise and nutrition, engagement at work and general wellbeing.  Based on these responses and your physical and mental fitness goals we tailor a four-week healthy habits lifestyle program for you.  The first session takes between 75 and 90 minutes to complete.  You will leave our first session with a clear picture of your wellbeing and how to introduce powerful positive changes to enable you optimise your phyical and mental wellbeing.

At the end of our session you will be given our assesment report and healthy habits lifestyle plan.

About our healthy habits lifestyle plan

The lifestyle changes that we recommend are simple and should easily fit in with your work and home life.  Habits are often hard to change and can be deeply embedded.  Our experience is that if you practice new things for at least 21 days they are likely to become new, healthy, habits. The easier the new routines are and the quicker you observe the benefit, the more likely it is that new healthy habits will become engrained. 

We work with you to identify five new positive lifestyle habits.  

Our challenge to you is to commit to these small changes each day for 4 weeks (just 28 days). We know that there will be days where you simply can’t do some of these things.  We ask you to study these recommendations and commit to abide by them every day where possible.

We also ask you to note with a tick or a cross whether you have been able to comply with all the recommendations.  You can do this by keeping a note on the healthy habits lifestyle plan we give you.  

We also ask you to share the recommendations with a loved one or a colleague. Its obviously up to you whether you wish to do this however sharing is a great way of making change happen.  Its even more powerful if you are both on the healthy habits program.  Many of the recommendations will be similar to your friends on the plan and having someone to compare experiences with and encouragement is a powerful motivation tool

Once you have completed your first 4 weeks and embedded the new healthy habits you may choose to identify more healthy habits from our list of 20 and introduce these. 

Enjoy a new healthier you !!!

Follow up and re assesment 

After two weeks we check in on your progress by doing a 15-minute telephone catch up and after four weeks we arrange a 60 -minute follow up session during which we take fresh measurements to chart your progress and set new healthy habits.

The benefits

The team doing your assessments has a background in both physical and mental wellbeing and have a great track record in helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.  These include improving their body composition (reducing body fat and increasing lean muscle mass) and improving cardiovascular fitness.  Our program also helps people focus on the things in life, which make them thrive.  People who have completed our program tell us they feel more resilient, relaxed and happier.

Our unique 360 degree wellbeing assement,  two hours of coaching and our healthy habits lifestyle plan is $660 (incl GST)

Booking details 

To book simply order online and we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date for your assesment.  If you have any questions simply contact andy(@)breathe-australia.com  

Your coach - Andy Roberts

I worked in Corporate Finance for 10 years and therefore I know about the stresses and strains of maintaining a healthy work/home life balance.  For the last twelve years I’ve been an Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Coach and I also teach one to one Yoga sessions.  Back in the UK I’ve built a business in the health and fitness industry with a team of twenty Mind and Body experts. Back in 2003 I became a registered exercise professional in the UK and have conducted hundreds of physical and mental resilience assesments.  I’m also the chairman of two youth development charities.  I've been very lucky in life to have such a varied career; from finance to health and fitness and I've been able to use this knowledge to create a unique wellbeing plan.

For organisations

In addition to our service for individuals we also provide a corporate wellbeing programs where we spend time with each member of your team.  Organisations signing up to our 360 Degree Wellbeing Check-up and healrthy habits lifestyle plan, for their employees, would expect to derive great benefits including:

  • increased energy levels among staff
  • reduced absenteeism
  • increased regard among the team that the organisation cares for and is considerate of their wellbeing

Although individual results and lifestyle plans are strictly confidential, the aggregate results for the employees provide powerful information about the overall health of the organisation. 

Spending up to two hours with each team member also provides a unique insight into common barriers to wellbeing in an organisation.  Based on this aggregated information we are able to provide useful insights into how best to improve the overall wellbeing of an organisation.  We are also able to provide short lunchtime seminars, using the skills of the Breathe team, which address the challenges identified by our surveys and one to one sessions.

Assessments for your team can either be held at our centres or at your place of work.  The length of time we spend with each team member may also vary depending upon your requirements.

Other health check ups

We appreciate that other organisations, such as BUPA, provide workplace health assessments.  These are invaluable tools in any employee wellbeing program.  They alert individuals to red flags and provide information on medical options.

Our service complements these services.  We use our skillset to encourage people to make subtle changes to their exercise, nutrition, work, commute and home habits and patterns.  We work with the individual to nudge them towards healthier habits. 

Whilst programs, such as BUPA, address red flag issues, our program aims to help our clients move from 6 out of 10 in physical and mental wellbeing to 8 out of 10, helping our clients feel more engaged, active, healthy, in control, optimistic and energised

To find out more about 360 Degree wellbeing for organisations contact andy(@)breathe-australia.com