Setting an intention for 2024

In a recent workshop with a team, we explored three aspects of surviving and thriving:

  • Focus and energy
  • Knowledge – self-awareness about strengths and weaknesses, personality, working style, values and goals
  • Positive intention 

Focus and energy

In the session, we explored the things, people, and experiences that can drain your energy and those that replenish your energy, help you survive, and then move on from surviving to thriving at home and work.

When you think of the things that drain your energy, shift your perspective slightly. Your energy levels come and go. Don’t think about losing energy; think about energy flowing through you. 

Most days, I repeat these words silently to myself – “let me connect with the highest form of energy today. And thank you, Mother Earth, for accepting any negative energy.”  This helps me think about things and work with situations differently. When I feel a bit drained, it’s often because I’m working with people experiencing tough times – like you do with many of your customers. It’s normal to feel tired and pick up the emotions of others – reflect that you can continuously tap into new energy around you to replenish you.

This is my positive “mantra”. What’s yours? Mantra comes from the Sanskrit words “manas” and “tra” – “mind” and to “traverse”. Neural plasticity dictates that the more you repeat a belief, the more that belief becomes embedded. How will you learn to traverse your mind with empowering self-talk?

The team that I was working with said the things that drained them included – “when you “people please”, overthink things, overly compare yourself  to others, sometimes our family,  friends and customers, energy vampires, anxious speedy people, when you feel swamped and out of control.”

Things to do:

  1. Write down the things that drain you, and then create your own self-talk around replenishing your energy – maybe like the one I use.
  1. Write down the things which re-energise you – Connect to your sources of energy to replenish yourself – the things they said were – hugs, getting outside in nature, feeling organised (make a list), exercise, positive people, taking timeout, holidays, quiet reflection time, taking some action (even if it is only a tiny step to where you want to be), showing gratitude to others, celebrating your own successes (write down in a journal things you are proud of or just reflect on three things that went well today as you drive home)

Self-awareness – play to your strengths to raise your energy levels

Write down your unrealised strengths in the attached document and look for opportunities every day to bring your top (light green) strengths into your day. 

If you don’t know where your realised or unrealised strengths at work lie, reach out to us to organise a strengths-profile assessment

If you haven’t completed a strengths profile, spend a few minutes on reflecting back to those moments in the day when you felt most energised and enjoyed most meaning. What exactly were you doing? Was it with others or alone? Notice your mindset and energy levels change when you reflect on these things.  How could you do these things more often?

Spend a few moments reflecting on what’s tough for you right now. Write down what you are scared of? Having done this spend a few moments reflecting on how you got through tough times in the past. And if you can, reach out to others to share your worries and concerns.

Positive intention in 2024

At the start of 2023, I wrote down a small list of the things I wanted to achieve in 2023 and, more importantly, what kind of a person I wanted to be. 

I wrote down that I wanted to be self-compassionate and compassionate to others. I wanted to be more self-accepting at the moment and more accepting of others. 

This radical acceptance of what’s good in my life as well as my fears has helped me be kinder to myself and others in 2023. Accepting “what is” rather than “what I wish it were” is the only starting point for positive change.

Write down your positive intentions for 2024.

Before you do this, watch this short video on identity based goals. 

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