Mindfulness podcast resources

Mindfulness podcast resources

Some of these mindfulness podcast interviews have changed my life. 

Like many people, I spent a lot of time listening to podcasts during the pandemic. And a few have continued to help me navigate this messy business of life. 

Here are my absolute favourites:

Jack Kornfield 

Jack Kornfield is a therapist, author and mindfulness teacher. I was lucky to visit the Spirit Rock insight mindfulness centre a few years back, just north of San Francisco.

Jack has been at the forefront of weaving together ancient Buddhist wisdom with his work as a therapist. But, more than anything, he is a storyteller with a beautiful soothing voice. He tells stories about universal truths about love, compassion and interconnection.

I’ve chosen a few classic talks. I feel a better person having spent so many hours listening to him. Insight meditation is our work – learning how we relate to ourselves and the people around us, understanding our triggers and biases and learning to navigate this beautiful, messy life.

Focus on the breath 

The super power of gratitude

The way out is in

These are a series of talks between coach and journalist Joe Confino and Brother Phap Huu, abbot of Plumb Village mindfulness centre, which Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh built.

 In these beautifully crafted podcasts, they explore their master’s teachings and how they apply to life in 2023. 

It’s our passion at Breathe Australia to bring some of these ancient pearls of wisdom to life at work and home, and this podcast has been a great source of learning. I’ve used a lot of the content in my leadership programs.

The podcast’s title is teaching in its own right – the way out is in – do the self-work before tackling changing the world.

How to handle super busyness – leaning into stress

This podcast explores healthy boundaries and handling difficult people 

And their shares on wise leadership 

Sharon Salzberg

I can’t think of any other mindfulness expert (and author many times over) to have done so much to bring the fundamental ideas of love, self-care and compassion to the west.

She deeply delves into love and compassion with a light and open heart. So many people (me included sometimes) use mindfulness as a stress management tool and  to help focus. Still, mindfulness is bare attention without working on developing love and compassion, such as loving-kindness meditation or acts of love in the community. It’s the interbeing space where love grows and is the glue that binds us together.

An interview with emotional intelligence expert Dan Goleman ­

In our work at Breathe Australia, our programs are based on mindfulness. As we become more present to our own experience and those of people around us, we become more emotionally attuned, empathetic and agile.

An interview with Barbara Fredrickson, one of the scientists at the cutting edge of research into the psychological benefits of practising loving-kindness meditation

Joseph Goldstien and Sharon Salzberg explore simple but insightful techniques.


Kristen Neff and self-compassion

In 2022 I received the gift of training to become a self-compassion mindfulness teacher on one of Kristen Neff’s training programs.  Mindfulness starts with self-soothing, self-kindness and healthy boundary setting.

Links and resources exploring self-compassion 


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