Evidenced-based coaching and wellbeing programs

Our wellbeing and coaching programs help teams build energy, focus and develop a positive mindset.

Our approach

At Breathe Australia, we work with organisations and leaders to help develop their engagement, resilience, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. 

Our programs include one to one emotional intelligence assessments and coaching, short lunchtime learning sessions, and year-long employee engagement programs.

We create tailored, flexible programs to help you and your team develop in the following areas: 


Building a strengths-based culture at work using Strengths Profile (Cappfinity) - creating a strengths-based culture at work -practical tools to help people identify, use and celebrate their own and each other's strengths at work. And align individual strengths and values with organisational strengths, values and goals.

Emotional intelligence and agility at work using the RUUM model and MSCEIT - building collaboration, communication skills, resilience, effectiveness and wellbeing

Positive leadership programs - building core skills, increasing creativity, leaning into challenges and being future fit

Mindfulness at work program - This program focuses on building greater situational awareness in the workplace. The emphasis is on presence, safety, positive communication, mental resilience and physical wellbeing. 

Wellbeing programs - These programs provide evidence-based tools and ideas to help your team maintain and develop great physical and mental wellbeing. Programs include : sleep, breathwork, focus, nutrition, movement, screentime health


These include - improving self-awareness, tuning into others better, understanding and regulating emotions, developing empathy, developing resilience, improving communication and role modelling self-care and vulnerability.

Workshops, webinars, coaching and online content

Our courses include a mixture of face to face workshops, one to one coaching, workbooks, online content, videos, links and other resources.