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  • Mindset, Focus and Energy
  • Mindset, Focus and Energy
  • Mindset, Focus and Energy

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and MSCEIT 

Our courses and workshops help improve your ability to handle stress, manage people, communicate clearly, raise productivity levels and develop your creativity. 

We tailor courses and coaching sessions for organisations. Our most recent emotional intelligence projects in 2017 and 2018 have been with HAYS Recruitment, The College of Business, Law and Governance at JCU, CQ University, The Australian Pork Association and the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences.

We offer half and one day workshops, longer programs lasting up to ten months and one to one coaching.  We also use the Mayers Salovey Caruso test of emotional intelligence called (MSCEIT).  This gives invaluable feedback on your ability to recognise, understand, use and manage emotions in order to optimise your decision making.

Find out how we can help you grow your business by using emotional intelligence techniques contact andy@breathe-australia.com or book your MSCEIT emotional intelligence test and feedback coaching session 

Typical course content 

  • Develop your Resilience: Improve the speed at which you recover from adversity;
  • Develop a more positive outlook;
  • Develop greater Social Intuition: Improving your ability to pick up information from other people and your environment
  • Develop a greater understanding of Context: Improving your ability to fit in with your surroundings. The most emotionally intelligent people are aware that they need to adapt their strategies to their environment
  • Develop greater Self-Awareness: Learning to observe the physical and emotional signals that your own body is telling you and incorporate them effectively into your decision making process;
  • Develop your Attention: Learning techniques to sharpen your and maintain your attention
  • Improve your ability to recognise, use, understand and manage emotions

Many, if not all, of the factors noted above are not consciously used skills. They constitute emotional habits that largely proceed in the absence of awareness.  By bringing our awareness to each area and introducing new small empowering habits we begin to embed new emotional intelligence skills.

What is emotional intelligence (EQ) and why should we develop it?

EQ is defined as the ability to recognise, understand, use and manage our own emotions, and those of the people around us in order to optimise our decision-making.  

People with heightened emotional intelligence skills tend to be more resilient, happier and healthier, have good work and home life balance, are more financially successful and enjoy rewarding careers.

How emotionally intelligent are you?

The research suggests that it's often difficult to evaluate our own level of emotional intelligence.  For example, we all assume that we are better than average drivers but statistically that simply cannot be the case.  And so it is with emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is not the same as a personality trait.  Over time it can be improved and developed. We can all learn to be more emotionally intelligent and harness vital sources of information from within ourselves and from the world around us.

Contact us today 

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"As senior leaders from a variety of industries and organisations, we asked Andy to develop and deliver a workshop that would suit our needs both individually and also help develop  skills in leading our teams. Andy designed one that exactly met the brief and we had a fabulous day learning, due to his: knowledge and passion for the topic; engaging style; and ability to tune into the individual and group dynamics. I would thoroughly recommend Andy and will ask him to deliver a workshop for my work team in the New Year."

Kari Arbouin Associate Vice Chancellor at CQUniversity Australia