About Breathe in Australia and the UK

We set up Breathe in 2005 and are one of London’s most established wellbeing practices. We aimed to create beautiful, tranquil treatment rooms in the heart of central London to support our community of mind and body therapists who share our values of excellence, kindness and fairness.

In 2014 Andy created Breathe Coaching and Wellbeing in Australia. This new consultancy brought together his knowledge of working in corporate finance at KPMG, his masters degree in applied positive psychology and his qualifications as a strengths-profile, emotional intelligence expert and life coach.

The new consultancy also incorporated his deep knowledge of mindfulness, yoga and bodywork. He divides his time between his home in Sydney, the Breathe therapy business in London, leadership coaching around Australia and lecturing at the College of Medicine and Dentistry at James Cook University (JCU).

Our Australian community of leadership coaches and workshop facilitators

Since we started in 2014, we have built a community of passionate experts in executive coaching, stress resiliency, change management and career coaching.

Our London community of wellbeing therapists

We started as a massage therapy business but over the years we have grown to become a community of independent mind and body experts offering acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage, reflexology, nutrition therapy, podiatry, one-to-one yoga, sports injury treatments, mindfulness, counselling, coaching, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

We also run corporate wellbeing programs for teams in the UK. Over the years we have worked with Inclusive Employers Group, The House of Commons, NHS, Avantagarde, Agent 3, Jubilee Hall Trust and Arrows Group.

Our clients around the world

Professional services – PwC, PVW Partners, Wilson Ryan Grose, Court Services Victoria, House of Commons services, Bank of Queensland

Mining and engineering – South 32, GEMCO, AECOM, Amerada Hess, Women in mining and resources Queensland, Navarre, ACLCA

Government and environmental agencies – Townsville City Council, The Australian Institute of Marine Science, NQ Dry Tropics

Recruitment and agency – Avantgarde London, HAYS Recruitment, Pulse staffing, Arrows Group UK, Camron PR London, Agent3

Education – James Cook University, CQ University, St Patricks College

Healthcare – Queensland Health, CQ Health, Mater Health (via the College of Business, Law and Governance at JCU), National Health Service UK, NQ Eye Specialists

Community – Carers Queensland, Carers Tasmania Yourstory, Betterbankside, Inclusive Employers Group UK, Jubilee Hall Trust

Food and agriculture – Sydney Fish Market, Australian Pork Association, Wilmar, Brolos GFC Perth


We’re proud of the work we do and it is our absolute pleasure to share with you the experiences of our valued clients.


“Andy doesn’t bring a pre developed package to sell to you, what he brings is expertise and experience that he can apply to your problem. The more we spoke about the challenges I wanted to address, and how they could be tackled; the more confident I was that Andy was the right person to develop a program and deliver it to my team. The other difference with Andy is you don’t get a relationship based on the next purchase order. You get ongoing feedback, enhancements to the program, learnings you can apply, and continued support consistent with someone truly passionate about what they do.”  – Tony Eckert, Head of asset management, Cannington Mine, South 32
“The insightful calm and human approach offered by Andy took me through a programme that has helped me embed techniques to enable me to be a much more mindful leader. The sessions always felt bespoke and Andy guided me through a programme that always felt practical and relevant – not just to me as a leader, but more importantly, to me as a human. Andy's integrity, wit and warmth was the perfect balance to a programme that was evidence based, clear and engaging. He balanced theory and practice and flexed his programme to ensure that I could be comfortable and stretched in equal measures. A perfect programme, delivered with humanity, honesty and fun. It seriously shifted me on in my own personal and professional development.”  – Richard Mckenna, Managing Director Inclusive Employers Group UK
“As senior leaders from a variety of industries and organisations, we asked Andy to develop and deliver a workshop that would suit our needs both individually and also help develop skills in leading our teams. Andy designed one that exactly met the brief and we had a fabulous day learning, due to his: knowledge and passion for the topic; engaging style; and ability to tune into the individual and group dynamics. I would thoroughly recommend Andy.”  – Kari Arbouin Deputy Commissioner State-wide operations Queensland
“We invited Andy to join our voluntary and professionally diverse group of leaders when we had already been immersed in parts of mindfulness and self-development for three years. Andy's comfort within his own skin, clear passion for and extensive knowledge of the topic, together with engaging delivery kept the whole group engrossed for the day. We focused on emotional intelligence as our entry point and Andy helped us leave with specific actions to try. I'm definitely going to introduce Andy to the rest of the Exec Team at Australian Pork.”  – Pete Haydon Chief Executive Australia Pork Ltd

Team Connection

“For me as a leader, I often think the struggle can be more important than the immediate outcome. I wanted my team to rise above tasks and list management and think about what is really required to be successful as a client facing team. Andy provided a bridge between results and individual and collective wellbeing; and helped us see the balance between” – Eric Walker HR Director Hess Corporation, Exploration and

“Andy has worked with our team for around 18 months. Initially, Andy delivered a 12 month Thrive program in which he passionately explored a number of areas that have helped us develop individually and as a team. Over the past 6 months Andy has then delivered a number of sessions to facilitate our transition from being PwC’s Townsville office to a locally owned accounting and advisory firm, PVW Partners. Andy continues to be committed to a long term relationship with PVW Partners and also to seeing results embedded within our organisation via regular follow up discussions and the sharing of relevant information with our team during and after the formal phase of his work was completed. Andy was more than just a facilitator or presenter, he’s become a valued and inspiring part of our team”Carl Valentine, Managing Partner – PwC and PVW, Townsville

“Andy is a compelling and informative speaker. Andy’s obvious enthusiasm for and expertise with his subject matter soon has the group in flow and connected with the process. Andy’s engagement with the audience is an integral part of the learning process makes for an entertaining and energetic discourse.”Greg Peel PVW partner Townsville

“Rarely has an external consultancy successfully married both the technical/scientific expertise with the practical implementation that Andy achieved. Breathe-Australia’s tailored 12-week strengths-based Leadership programme – consisting of workshops & 1-on-1 mentoring – was delivered in a manner that was accessible; easily absorbed into internal leadership modules and, importantly reflected, the challenges faced by the modern leader (notably managing millennials and the impact of digital disruption in the workplace). ” – Ged Welsh, North Queensland Director HAYS Recruitment

Wellbeing Programs

“Andy is an excellent practitioner and manages to combine his holistic skills with his commercial background in an interesting way. Not only does he have a warm and engaging personality, but he has a very clear concept of how to provide wellbeing and coaching services in the commercial sector.”  – The Hon. Richard Alston Australian High Commissioner to the UK (2005 to 2008)

“Andy has a rare gift of mixing in depth scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom to deliver a suite of wellbeing tools that resonate with people leading modern and busy lives. Andy has worked with staff at the Australian Institute of Marine Science for three years and his emotional intelligence programs course have delivered new tools for communication and (inter)personal understanding that have improved day-to-day interactions amongst many of us. Because of Andy’s engaging style I undertook two mindfulness courses in my own time which provided new inspiration on how to manage self and others. I can’t wait for the next instalment of Andy’s excellent courses – his knowledge and positivity has long-lasting benefits for those lucky enough to have the experience.”Dr Line Bay , Principal Research Scientist and Team Leader. Australian Institute of Marine Science.

“Andy delivered lunchtime mindfulness sessions in conjunction with our 2017 and 2018 mental health week activities. Andy’s sessions are engaging, evidenced based and provide workers with easy to implement strategies to assist with personal and work demands and helping us to slow down, be present and coping with change. Each session has been really well received by our people and we will continue to include Andy’s mindfulness sessions regularly at AIMS.”Tanya Hoey Health Safety and Environment officer at the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences