About Breathe

Andy Roberts – coach, workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, lecturer 

Andy Roberts is a former corporate finance specialist with twelve years of experience at KPMG in London and Sydney. In 2004 he began a new and exciting career in leadership coaching and wellbeing. 

In 2006 he took a masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London. In 2007 he became an accredited emotional intelligence coach using the Mayer Salovey Caruso MSCEIT abilities based assessment model. 

In 2004 he set up Breathe London, which has grown to become a forty-practitioner integrated mind and body business operating from Covent Garden and Waterloo sites. He was also chairman of youth development charity Yourstory between 2010 and 2018. 

In the UK he has run positive psychology workshops in the House of Commons and worked with oil company Amerada Hess, introducing mindfulness programs to their engineering teams. His business partners manage the UK business, and he spends most of the year in Australia.

Global wellbeing programs

During the last 18  months, we have run webinar wellbeing programs with teams in London, Johannesburg, Johannesburg , Melbourne, Sydney, New York, San Francisco, Sofia and Milan.  

These include programs with:

  • The Inclusive Employers group UK
  • Cameron PR 
  • South 32
  • Betterbankside

Breathe Australia 

He set up Breathe Australia in 2014 and in the last seven years has created emotional intelligence, team engagement, mindfulness, leadership, wellbeing and resilience programs for many different organisations.

In Australia clients include AECOM, GEMCO, South 32, PwC, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, PVW Partners, NQ Dry Tropics, James Cook University, CQ University, Carers Queensland, Carers Tasmania, Dott Group, Pulse Staffing, HAYS Recruitment, Queensland Health, the Sydney Fish Market, the Australian Pork Association, Bank of Queensland and many others.

Breathe London

And in the UK, Agent3, Camron PR, Betterbankside, Arrows Group, Inclusive Employers Group and The House of Commons.

He lectures in mindfulness and resilience to year one medicine, pharmacy and dentistry students at James Cook University. A recent piece of research, with over one thousand medical students, found that resilience and mindfulness techniques had increased significantly after attending his program, and there was also a reduction in stigma associated with mental health. He has also created online transition programs for students in the College of Medicine and Dentistry moving into their working roles and an eight module emotional intelligence program for Mater Health hospital.

He divides his time between his home in Sydney, North Queensland and his business in London. 

My journey 

“Back in 1999, I worked as a senior manager in corporate finance with KPG in Sydney. It was a role I enjoyed. I worked with good people, and it was a joy to be living in Sydney at the time of the Olympics. I was drawn to learning more about the mind and body connection. Whilst working at KPMG, I trained as a massage therapist and subsequently travelled to India to learn to become a yoga teacher. 

I’ve been fascinated with yoga and Buddhist mindfulness practices since they form a vital part of my wellbeing practices. Whilst learning to become a yoga teacher, something clicked. It felt so right to learn and to teach. I’ve devoted the last twenty years to learn more about neuroscience and how in many ways modern science is playing catch up these ancient wellbeing systems. 

My current role enables me to weave together my consulting experience, knowledge of ancient wellbeing systems, and psychology. "

 Andy Roberts 

 “Andy is an excellent practitioner and manages to combine his holistic skills with his commercial background in an interesting way. Not only does he have a warm and engaging personality, but he has a very clear concept of how to provide wellbeing and coaching services in the commercial sector.” 

The Hon. Richard Alston Australian High Commissioner to the UK (2005 to 2008)